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Product Pilot: Confident Caregiver Connection: A Supportive Resource Hub

This 6 week self-guided course, beginning on February 14th, aims to provide a supportive environment and valuable resources for caregivers, helping you navigate this journey with confidence.

The pilot course will cover a range of important topics, including:

✔️ Assessment: When is it time to consider a care facility?
✔️ Recognizing the 10 signs that indicate it's time to care for your aging parent
✔️ Conversation Starting Guide: Overcoming the hurdle of discussing care with your loved one
✔️ Strategies for when your aging parent resists your help
✔️ A comprehensive checklist to prepare for caring for an aging parent
✔️ Facility Evaluation Rating Form
✔️ Understanding the continuum of care for aging parents


You'll get:

✔️ Self-Guided Course so that you can work though at your own pace.

✔️ Private Facebook community so you can engage with the material in a fun and interactive manner, making the learning experience more impactful and enjoyable.

✔️ Client log access so that you can ask for a resource, ask a question, or get support.

✔️ Access to over 20 forms and documents that provide the information you need, available to you when you need it.

✔️ Resources and connections to what or who you need to help you help your aging parent - and yourself.

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