Meet Wendy

I believe that life is an adventure and as with all adventures, there are detours.   I also believe that the detours are part of life, showing us what we would not have seen otherwise.  If life were easy, how boring would that be?
Once we can learn about what's happening for us (not to us) is where our lives are transformed.  Having a guide on this journey is crucial to becoming who we are meant to be.  I believe in having guides throughout life.  I have had many guides in my life.   After all, you wouldn't travel to a new destination without having a guide map, or ask for directions, would you?
My mission in this life is to be a guide, just like the ones who have guided me.  It is my honor and privilege to help others to know that it is okay, more than okay, to care for themselves, set boundaries to preserve their sanity and to be a calming guide when the roller coaster of life speeds up.


There have been many times in my life that I have felt squished between looking after my mother and pursuing my dream of owning my own business, and I made a choice to preserve my sanity by treating myself well.


Wendy Taddeucci loves to work with sandwich generation women who feel pulled in many different directions and just want to take time for themselves.  She knows that before they actually will take time for themselves, that they first have to make sure their loved ones are safe and well cared for.

Wendy has been care-deciding (and at times caregiving) for her 88 year old mother over the past 12 years and also enjoys a successful coaching practice.

Through her coaching, Wendy works with sandwich generation women who are ready to find the time to care for themselves, preserve their sanity and manage expectations.

In fact, before Lauren worked with Wendy, she didn't know how to set boundaries to save her sanity.    She and her husband were constantly fighting and Lauren was struggling to find a balance between her son, husband and looking after her mother in law.

After coaching with Wendy, Lauren has found peace and has created boundaries and she is healing.   And her relationship with her husband is filled with love instead of anger.

She has applied the practices she learned in other areas of her life.

Wendy holds a Certificate in Life & ADHD Coaching from Coach Approach for Organizers.  Wendy is also a former Certified Professional Organizer.

Outside of her passion for coaching, Wendy loves traveling with her husband Steve, who she's been married to for 30 years. Wendy also enjoys studying the spiritual, reading a good biography and is an avid Gilmore Girls fan.

Through Wendy's coaching, you will:

  • First get the resources you need to make sure your loved ones are safe and well cared for.  Because is all about you!
  • Find time to care for yourself, and treat yourself well.
  • Preserve your sanity.
  • Be able to manage expectations, your time and control what you can control.

"Before I worked with Coach Wendy, sometimes I felt like I had PTSD. I felt that I wasn’t enough, stuck. I was unhappy, thought life was passing me by and I was depressed. I finally said yes to coaching because I wanted more and this was my time to get unstuck. As a result of coaching I feel like life is moving forward. I’m finally participating in my life. My marriage has improved. I’m blooming with what my passion is."