Does this sound like you? Are you feeling squished in the Sandwich Generation?

  • You are never not exhausted. The whole thing is taking a toll on your health and marriage and career. It's all so freaking hard.


  • You are always feeling 10 steps behind.


  • You feel overwhelmed with work full time and households to run, groceries to buy, chauffeur your kids around, prescriptions to pick up, bills to pay, doctors appointments to make?


  • You don't even know where to start but you think it might be finding out who you can call and what resources are available to you.


  • Which is why I created this guide - Top Resources, Products & Services for Your Parent.  Click Access My Gift on the right side of this page to receive this valuable resource


If this is YOU then I have good news....... You are not alone and you can easily take a small step and find the top products, resources and services - right at your fingertips.


As an experienced care-decider and sometimes caregiver to my mother for the past 12 years, I will walk you through creating a clear, customized plan that is quick, simple, tangible and easy to implement.  Working with me you will learn to:


  • Find time to care for yourself,  and treat yourself well.


  • Preserve your sanity.


  • Manage expectations, your time and control what you can control.


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This is your next best step to take time for yourself.   Sounds counterintuitive, right?  Not really because what I know is that before you will take a look at your needs, you want to make sure that your parent feels safe and is well cared for.


Then, it's all about you...............






Once you know your parent(s) is taken care of it's like a weight is lifted, which frees up resources so that you can look at yourself.


It would be my honor to guide you as you navigate this unpredictable journey that you are on, squished as part of the sandwich generation.   If you are looking for someone who has gone through what you are going through, who understands, look no further.  It would be my absolute honor and privilege to support you in your transformation so that you can manage expectations, your time and control what you can control.


Top Resources, Products & Services for Your Parent


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As a Result of Working with Coach Wendy:


"Before coaching, I was wondering how I was going to care for my mother and grow my new business after a terrible fall that left her completely dependent on me; I felt anxiety knowing that both of my parents are now in assisted living communities (different ones), and there's no one to support them other than me; and I was wondering - how am I going to manage, much less grow my business with so many additional responsibilities. I was feeling stress, anxiety, procrastination, fatigue, hopelessness, anger, resentment, triggering painful childhood memories.

I finally said yes to coaching because I was at the point that I couldn't handle all the pressure alone anymore. I could barely manage my own affairs, not to mention my parents'.

After coaching, I began to see light at the end of the tunnel - that didn't feel like an incoming train.

I hate to say that misery loves company, but there was something comforting about realizing that I wasn't alone, that there were other caregiving business owners like me that were struggling with the same issues.

Coaching also encouraged me to think outside the box to identify solutions that I hadn't thought of before. One of my favorite aspects of coaching was being heard by Coach Wendy and the other women in the group I was in, knowing that they understood." 

Sydney, Entrepreneur


"I was struggling in my business, charging way too little and not enrolling new clients and in addition, my health was suffering. I was exhausted and needed rest.

Through working with Wendy, I enrolled a new client at 4 x what I had been charging and I am also taking care of myself and setting boundaries around so that I can focus on my own health and at the same time care for my sister & my husband."

Sally Jo, Entrepreneur





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