Are you an adult child just beginning to care-give an aging parent.......

Do any of these statements describe your caregiving journey?

  • What happens when the first thing happens?  Where's the plan?


  • I had to give up my family for so long.   I went off and made a life and I kinda want to go back to it.


  • I'm having to figure this all out of nowhere.


  • Feeling guilty because I want my life back.


If any of these statements describe your journey, there is help!

You can make this journey easier on yourself and your aging parent.

My 5 Step Path to you again will help you:

Move forward much easier so that you can continue with your life.

• Get part of your life back.

• Have an aging parent that feels happy and safe.

I've helped many individuals just like you to sort through all of the confusion that goes along with beginning to care for an aging parent so that they can fully embrace the role reversal between themselves and their parent and move forward empowered.

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More About Your Coach

Wendy Taddeucci is caregiving coach who supports adult children who are just beginning their caregiving journey with an aging parent.  Through her proven step by step path, Wendy guides her clients and students through navigating these uncharted waters.  Wendy knows this path well as she walked it herself as she has been caregiving for her soon to be 85 year old mother over the past nearly 8 years.

Wendy's program helps to support adult children of aging parents through the role reversal between themselves and their parent so that they can more easily deal with what's next - because in caring for an aging parent - there is always a what's next.  Wendy discovered that as the adult daughter of an aging mother, she can empathize with other adult children AND as a coach, she can help her clients to overcome the struggles and the overwhelm they are facing so that they can get part of their lives back and empower themselves to make decisions.


In fact, her student Nancy says that after completing the program she feels like she has fully embraced the role reversal and now has permission to operate fully from that space.


Wendy holds a Certificate in Life & ADHD Coaching from Coach Approach for Organizers.  Wendy is also a former Certified Professional Organizer.
Outside of her passion for coaching, Wendy loves traveling with her husband Steve, who she's been married to for over 25 years. Wendy also enjoys reading a good biography and is an avid Gilmore Girls fan.

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I think I am understanding the whole situation a little bit better and accepting it more. It's made me more relaxed so that I don't fight with myself. I go with the flow now. I definetly would recommend this course to a friend. Wendy is very knowledgeable and she has a nice way of talking to people, very comforting. That's what people need that are going through this.

Cathy Gunter
I finally said yes to this program and to coaching because when I realized my brother needed care, it was clear to me that it was going to be a big job and I didn’t know what it meant and what it would take. Finding there’s someone who’s done it and who’s offering a class to teach me to give me other ways to think about was magnificent.

Margo K
I feel like I have been working on this coming to terms with the role reversal for a while. I feel like I have fully embraced the role reversal and now have permission, so to speak, to operate fully from that space.

Nancy Owsianowski
Founder, Round Table Consulting












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'Wendy knows a lot about losing yourself when you are taking care of a parent. When you work with her, ideally you are not underwater yet, but you can see the tide coming in. Using her immense knowledge and combined with her keen coaching skills, Wendy will actually have you looking FORWARD to this stage in life that you are dreading. Talk to her and you will be glad you did! The support is priceless.'

Carol Williams, Green Goddess of Productivity