5 DAY JOURNEY Free 5 day JOURNEY From Frustration to having a life of your own AND a happy aging parent

Are you caring for an aging parent?

Free 5 day JOURNEY

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YOUR PATH From Frustration to having a life of your own AND a happy, aging parent

Join us Monday, September 13th - Saturday, September 18th                   

The answers you are searching for are here for you.  

This is for you if:

  • You love your mom (or dad) and…you want your life back without the guilt.
  • You are caring/care-deciding for or know you will be caring/care-deciding for an aging parent. 
  • You feel like bad daughter (or son) because you want to put a parent in assisted living.
  • You have no time for you anymore.
  • You don’t even know where to begin or what questions to ask.

After this 5 day journey you will:

  • Have the answers you have been seeking.
  • Know exactly what your next step will be. 
  • Know that there’s information out there & you can find out what your options are.
  • Know that you are not alone in this journey.
  • Have your life and care for care-decide for your parent with no guilt.

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What it will take from you:

-15 min per day from Sept 13 to 17 (and if you skip a day you can easily catch-up) to be inspired and educated;

-60 min of LIVE HELP on a SATURDAY Sept 18th (10 am central so get the coffee brewing now and your pencils out)

Cost: no cost.

Each day, I will be answering a question from the community around caring for an aging parent and also caring for yourself as the care-giver/care-decider.

I will also be walking you through my proven step-by-step path so that you can have a life of your own AND a happy, aging parent.

We begin on Monday, September 13th so be sure to register now so that you can finally figure this care-deciding thing out and move forward with your life while you also have a happy, aging parent.

I know your time is very tight right now (what time, you say!) well I've got you covered.   Each day you will receive an email with my short video answer about a question submitted along with a brief tip for how you can have a life of your own AND a happy, aging parent - no more than 15 minutes long, I promise.

On Saturday, September 18th at 10 a.m. CST, I'll be having a BONUS Q & A live call where you can get your questions answered that may not have been answered during the week.

I'll see you there!

❤️Coach Wendy

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