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Product Staying Afloat - 6 months - monthly payments

Our coaching system includes:

  • Two 1-1 coaching calls a month for focused attention to move you out of overwhelm and into peace and balance faster.
  • One group coaching call a month so that you can brainstorm, problem solve and, of course, network - and have the support of your peers.
  • Access to resources like products, people and systems so that you don't waste time looking for what you need.  It's all easily accessible. 
  • Online support group (FB Community) so that you know you are not alone.  And a safe space to vent.
  • Unlimited online coaching so that you can bust through those limiting beliefs and continue to move forward.
  • Templates & Checklists so that you have exactly what you need, when you need it - no wasted time looking.
  • Guidance through the checklists.
  • Focus on you.
  • Proven steps so that you waste no time.
  • Calling out what might get in your way BEFORE it does so that when it shows up, you waste no time.
  • A plan, solution, community and guide when the unexpected happens.
  • Confidence when you question yourself.  You have a coach, community and resources so that you can move past the head trash.



Payment structure 4782.00 USD split into 6 payments of 797 USD every 30 days

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1st payment of 797.00 USD