Is this going to take over my life?

To get the answer, you'll want to join me for my FREE 5 Day Journey from Frustration to Having a Life of Your Own AND a Happy, Aging Parent.   Beginning on September 13th - the 17th.

'Is this going to take over my life?'

It was my question 9 years ago.  Underlying everything else, this was the question.

This was my client Nancy's question.  Since working together, Nancy said she feels like she has, 'fully embraced the role reversal and now has permission to operate fully from that space.'

I'll give the short answer here and I will give my full answer during my FREE 5 Day Journey - Your Path from Frustration to Having a Life of Your Own AND a Happy, Aging Parent, which begins September 13th and registration is open now.  You can click here to visit my website and register.

My short answer.  No, caring for an aging parent will not take over your life - just like you've heard from my client Nancy.  If you follow the path to you again.

I'll go into this deeper during my FREE 5 day Journey but just know that there is hope.  I've done the hard work for you so that your journey is much easier.

What question would you like answered during the 5 Day Journey?  Hit reply and let me know!

❤️Coach Wendy 

When your parent has cancer

  • Breathe
  • Talk to others who have gone through this with their parent
  • Ask for help
  • Be kind to yourself

These are just a few things that you can do when you, the adult child of an aging parent, is coping with this diagnosis.  

Some of you know that my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer the day after this past Mother's day.  She had a lumpectomy and has just completed radiation therapy and her prognosis is very good.  

This diagnosis was one of those 'what's next' things that I talk about with my clients.  With an aging parent there is always a 'what's next'.  And this was a doozy.

You can easily navigate your 'what's next' with your aging parent and since I've been-there-done-that many times, think of me as your guide on the side and let's talk about your fears so that you can live your life fully. Click this link to visit my calendar to schedule your Path to Empowerment in Caring for An Aging Parent.  After 45 minutes with me you will have a clear path forward with less frustration and guilt.

I've got you.

❤️Coach Wendy

Your Path to You Again

Do you have SO many questions running through your mind about what it will look like when you are caring for an aging parent?

Are you scared as hell to know that one day, you will have to care for an aging parent?

Are you now caring for an aging parent and feel frustrated?

What if I told you that there is a clear path for you where each step in your journey of caring for an aging parent is easy to do?   There is!  You Again - Your Path to Having a Life for Yourself & a Happy, Aging Parent.

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FREE 5 Day Journey from Frustration to Having a Life of Your Own AND a Happy, Aging Parent

This is for you if:

  • You love your mom (or dad) and…you want your life back without the guilt.
  • You are caring/care-deciding for or know you will be caring/care-deciding for an aging parent. 
  • You feel like bad daughter (or son) because you want to put a parent in assisted living.
  • You have no time for you anymore.
  • You don’t even know where to begin or what questions to ask.

After this 5 day journey you will:

  • Have the answers you have been seeking.
  • Know exactly what your next step will be. 
  • Know that there’s information out there & you can find out what your options are.
  • Know that you are not alone in this journey.
  • Have your life and care for care-decide for your parent with no guilt.


-15 min per day (anytime) from Mon. Sept 13 to Fri. Sept. 17 (and if you skip a day we will still love you) to be inspired and educated;

-60 min of LIVE HELP on a SATURDAY (WHOA) Sept 18 (10 am central so get the coffee brewing now and your pencils out)

Cost: no cost.

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