Hi Wendy,

Focus came into play in a big way recently.

I got to hear Barbara Stanny Huson speak who is the author of many books, including How to Overcome Under earning.

She said that the one thing that all high earners had in common was focus.

What does focus look like for you these days?  Hit reply and tell me.

❤️Coach Wendy


The Secret to Taking on More Responsibility

Taking care of an aging parent while running a business?

Do you find that time gets eaten away from your work?

Today I’m going to share with you the secret to managing taking on more responsibility so that you can focus and move the needle forward.


One of the ways to manage taking on more responsibility is to call in the 3 D’s – Dump it, Delegate it, Do it.

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How to overcome under earning

I mentioned this book earlier and so why not include it here as a resource?  Take a read and let me know your thoughts!


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