Hi Wendy,

My mom and I have been enjoying Ancestry.com lately.  

I love the fact that I do very little work because the geniuses at Ancestry send me information that they believe is related.  99% of the time it is.

Mom loves finding information she never knew before.  "Your Grandma Addie was born where?  I didn't know that."

What's something that you and your loved one do together that you both enjoy - and passes the time?  Hit reply and let me know!

❤️Coach Wendy



What to do when the shit hits the fan

“You know the poops going to hit the fan sooner or later,” that’s what I hear from talking with women who own their own business AND take care of an aging parent.

Which is why in this situation it is so helpful to learn from other’s perspectives and to feel like you aren’t alone.

“That constant tug.”

“It’s just there.”

It’s important to talk about these feelings because what’s happening when you are worried about the shit hitting the fan is you lose focus.

It happened to Valerie who runs her own bookkeeping business. She found that when she was at work, she worried about her mom. When she was with her mom, she was worried about work.

As a result, her time at work was fractured and because it was fractured, she wasn’t enrolling new clients.

When she was able to share her fears and worry with a community of women just like her – business owners, caring for an aging parent, that’s when she was able to focus on her work which meant enrolling new clients to keep her business profitable. Not to mention that now when she’s with her mom, she’s totally focused on her – and enjoys the time they spend together.

Can you relate?

Join me on Friday, March 31st at 2 cst/12 pst as we gather as a community of women business owners who are caring for an aging parent.

We will be talking about what to do when the shit hits the fan. Hint: turn the fan off (we’ll be talking about that – turning the fan off.)😉

And since we are all business owners, expect some networking – that always happens in these gatherings too.

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Each month will introduce a new topic AND you will get the support & community of the group.


Topics for 2023:

January - What to do when you have no support

February - How to ditch the guilt

March - What to do when the shit hits the fan (turn the fan off)

April - Taking on more responsibility

May - Can't keep up

June - Time - too much gets eaten from my business

July - Resources

August - Guide them to do what's best - hard conversations

September - Stop suffering

October - Worry - what will I have to do next?

November - Navigating the healthcare system - Tricks/Tips

December - Tired, Exhausted

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