VACATION!  Finally!  #CareGiversNeedAVacationToo

We realized that neither one of us, my husband and I, had taken a vacation for over a year and a half - just like the rest of the world.   So.........In the midst of the pandemic still hanging on, we were able to safely sneak away for a one week road trip to visit family and see some sites.

I made sure mom had everything she needed, of course, before we left and we checked in with her twice a day and shared our vacation pictures with her as well.  She decided to take out her sewing machine and work on a project while we were away.

We visited Mt. Evans in Colorado where we climbed to the 'tippy top' and I got this great picture:

Do you have a favorite photo of one of your past vacations?  Just for fun, I have a post going in my FB group inviting others to share their memories.  Feel free to head on over and post yours in the comments!

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This song played on the radio the very night I became a caregiver (and would someone come up with another name for us, please?) 9 years ago.

A few days ago, it popped up on my playlist. So much has changed in those 9 years………

The lyrics say everything that at the time I was feeling…………

🎵Feeling my way through the darkness🎵

The night ‘it’ happened.  Driving home through the darkness.  Late at night.  Lots of thoughts and fears running through my head.

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