What is my purpose?

Are you struggling to find your identity?  Do you know who you are?  Do you know what you want?

If this sounds familiar, you are in the right place and you are not alone.

You know, my client Ellie was once in your shoes.

When my client Ellie first reached out to me, she wanted to know who she was, to be successful, to have more than her parents and for her children to grow up being confident.

She felt uncertainty and worry.

Ellie was tired of working a job that she really doesn't like.

She was tired of not taking action and of just existing.

Ellie wanted something to call her own, to help people and form relationships.
She wanted an identity, confidence,happier house and a happier marriage.  Her vision was to do what she loves, spend quality time with her children and husband, creating memories.
She said that when this exists, her life will be enjoyable, there will be an abundance of happiness, she will be helping others, and she will be free.

Does this resonate with you?  Are you ready to experience the same results?

Here is your opportunity!

During this 10 week program you will:

  • Narrow down your focus so that you can discover your purpose.
  • Boost your awareness and discover who you are.
  • Boost your confidence by setting goals and creating your vision.
  • Create a clear strategy by taking action, so that you can do what makes you happy ......to embrace the transformations! 

Join us!  We will begin the week of February 17th.  I'm asking you to sign up now for two reasons:

1)  To see if there is interest.  If there is, I'll move forward but if not, well, I won't.  My time is valuable.

2)   I am only opening this up to 5 people because I want to give my total attention to those 5.

By the way, you can choose to sign up now and pay later.

Your options for payment:

Your total investment in this program is $540.00.

You can decide to pay in full.  If you do, you get a 10% savings which brings your total to $486.00


You can pay in 3 installment payments of $180.00 each.

Payment must be decided upon and made by February 3, 2020.

Imagine finally having something to call your own and knowing your life purpose.  Being confident and doing what you love.

What would that experience mean for you?

Here is your opportunity to find out!

Each week includes a new module, special tips and insight for you to master.  

Module 1 - Awareness & Self-Discovery

Module 2 - Vision Statement

Week off!  Coaching continues through the private client portal

Module 3 - Focus forward.  Call out your obstacles & limiting beliefs

Module 4 - Set Goals

Week off!  Coaching continues through the private client portal

Module 5 - Create a vision board & life statement

Module 6 -  Make a clear strategy

Week off!  Coaching continues through the private client portal

Module 7 -  Take Action & Review daily

In this program, you get:
  • Your life purpose - an identity, success, happiness and you will be living it in 10 weeks!
  • Access to a private FB group for support & connection
  • Access to me through your very own private & secure client portal for one on one coaching
  • Weekly Zoom Group Coaching
  • A Freedom Mastery Planner 

Are you in?  Sign up below now to save your space!   

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