I recently got to go paddle boarding with a friend.   As a surprise, she said, "meet me at the beach."  So I figured we would take a walk along the beach, maybe wade in.  Nope - surprise!   She walks up to two paddle boards and says, "these are ours."  

I've always wanted to try paddle boarding.

But of course, I was also afraid.  I'd never done paddle boarding.  Add to that - I'm not a terribly strong swimmer. Would I stay ON the board or fall right off?  Then my friend said we were going to just sit on them and paddle.  Whew. Much better.

So we sat, paddled and talked.

I was feeling pretty confident and was really enjoying myself. I was reminded of a quote from my favorite t.v. show (Gilmore Girls, of course).  "I am kayak, hear me roar." What it means is this - when you are in a kayak, you have one paddle and so it's all up to you.  You don't need anyone else to row with you to stay in a straight line.  

Then my friend quickly pointed out that we were being pulled right back to shore.  We were having such a nice conversation that neither one of us noticed till we were just a few feet off shore.  We kept paddling out further and further, only to be pulled right back to shore again and again.  Half the time, I never noticed how close we had come to the shore until my friend pointed it out.

I discovered two things that day.  1) When you take things slowly, it's less scary.  2) It's good to be a kayak and have that control, but it's also good to have a friend look out for you and tell you when you are getting too close to shore.

This is a big lesson for me.  I have a difficult time asking for help.  Do you?



Does this sound familiar?  "My subconscious becomes obsessed with what if's.”  "What if I don’t have enough $ to retire?"  "What if I am single for the rest of my life?"  "What if I get sick?"

How can you shift that negative into a positive?  What if you have plenty of money to retire?  What if you meet the love of your life tomorrow and are together the rest of your life?  What if you get super healthy?

 It's sometimes so difficult to say "what if it all works out," when the rain is pouring down and its stormy.  

Having the courage and faith to say "what if it all works out," starts changing the way your brain processes those what if's. After a while of saying, "what if it works out," you will catch yourself when you start to spiral into that dark abyss of not having enough, or being enough.

What is your what if?



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