Hi Wendy,

I've been speaking my butt off lately (to which a colleague of mine on Zoom said - "stand up, let's see"  HA!)

Someone said that to cope with her contentious mother, who she is helping, she finds herself at McDonalds with a burger and fries - and sometimes ice cream - to soothe herself.  So I asked her a question - what feels good about that?

I remember I did the same thing when I was first looking after my mom. Nothing felt good about that.  The only thing it got me was fat and pre diabetic.

There is a better way.  I found it and my mission is to share it with you.

❤️Coach Wendy 


I was talking with a colleague who is caring for her adult son.  She said to me that she'd like a space where it's ok to be the mess that happens AND to be professional.  I believe I've created that.

It looks like networking/co-working/connection and coaching.

Is this something you might be interested in?

Hit reply and tell me because I really want to know! 


I bought the coolest digital frame for my mom this past Christmas.  It's so easy for me to upload photos (I was able to upload even before mom opened it) and mom gets a whole new batch of photos every few days - she loves it.

I found this gem at Costco - it's the Aura.

THIS FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 10TH at 10 a.m. CST/8 a.m. PST

My next live workshop!

Pay what you like ($97 suggested)

You'll create your path forward. And when you do, you'll be able to take back stuff for yourself, so you get your business off the ground - or grow it - while having flexibility.

Not able to attend live?  No problem!  The workshop will be recorded and if you are registered, you will receive it to watch at your convenience.


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