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Holidays are upon us.  What's happened to my aunt, mom, grandma since the pandemic?

Me with mom and her friends Christmas 2019

It’s been, what, almost two years now since the pandemic started.

Have you already noticed some changes with your mom, uncle, grandparent? Things like repeating themselves, forgetting that they’ve asked you the same question 5 times, talking a lot louder than ever?

Are you freaking out? Wondering, “Oh no it’s that time. They are starting to fail and that means that I have to step in. But to what degree, what can I do, what will they allow me to do, what do I want to do?

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Many people, especially Boomer women, are faced with a role reversal as their parents age and the need presents for them to take care of affairs for one or both of their parents.

It can be stressful, it can be exhausting, it can be a full-time job.  Wendy Taddeucci experienced all of the above when she was just 37. Nine years in she has taken all her experiences and everything she's learned to help other people prepare and shorten their learning curve when it comes time to care-decide for a loved one.

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