You just have to laugh.   One of my friends posted a video about laughter.  Specifically this was a realtor who had a bit of a tumble in front of a client and had a really good laugh at herself as she shared her story afterwards.

Its good to laugh.  And it made me realize that I haven't laughed that hard in a long while.

So I'd like to give you the same experience.   Let me share an experience where I had no choice but to laugh.  

A few years ago, my husband and I took my mom out for brunch on Mother's Day.  At a nearby table, there sat a woman who was continually coughing.  (This was pre-COVID). Mom noticed this, wanted to be helpful and asked the woman if she would like a cough drop.  "No, thank you", was her reply followed by, "I have allergies."

So the coughing keeps up.  I see mom fishing around in her purse.  Actually, I noticed too late.  Mom pulls a cough drop out of her purse and tosses at the woman and says, "here."

What could I do?  I smiled at the woman, laughed, looked at my mom and said, "Isn't she cute?"

It's good to laugh.

💖Coach Wendy


I stumbled across this article as I was doing some research around my program to Support Adult Children Caring for Their Aging Parent.

It gave me some validation into the focus of my upcoming program around the role reversal between adult child and aging parent and also some food for thought.

You can read the full article here. 


I know last month I talked about a GrandPad from Consumer Cellular to help you communicate with your aging parent.

Well, I've got one better.

My husband and I did some research and found that with the Amazon Echo 8 we are able to "drop in" on mom, call her, she can call us with a simple voice command. Alexa tells her jokes, she can ask about the weather AND mom tends to like to talk to herself - and now Alexa responds!

Mom can also say, "Alexa, play music from the 1950's."  The other day, I FaceTimed her and she was listening to Rockin' Robin.

I'm still digging into all of the features and I'm sure you'll hear more about this from me but seriously, if you have a loved one that you want to be able to communicate with, just Google Amazon Echo 8 and take a look.

Best of all, through an app, I can control who calls her and who she can call.  No spam phone calls!


This is a course that I have created for adult children to help them come to terms with the role reversal between themselves and their aging parent so that they can gain clarity and confidence in making decisions for their parent.

I will be launching this course in January of 2021.

If you would like to know more about this course, before information is released to the public, just hit reply to this email and let me know.



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