A live, virtual event - doctorpalooza - windmills and new glasses


 Whew.  March madness (not the kind that involves basketball) has finally wrapped up for me.  

I got to participate in a live, virtual event where I was able to support other coaches.  Over 300 attended The Business of Coaching!  

In addition to that, Momma had appointments with her eye doctor, dentist, gastroenterologist, toenail trimmer guy and I know I'm forgetting one..........

My husband and I also got to take a one day road trip and saw lots of windmills AND got to visit the Turkey Run Inn where my parents visited when they were at Turkey Run State Park on their honeymoon.

Oh and I tried on and ordered a new pair of peepers.  What do you think?

Last month, I set a lot of things aside because I knew I couldn't do everything and self-care was crucial, so I stepped that up with healthier food, more exercise and better sleep.  

What does your self-care look like these days?

❤️Coach Wendy 



During lockdown, mom and I had to focus on screens during our conversations.  Which meant we couldn't be doing two things at once while we were talking - like we usually did.  The Amazon Alexa was such a blessing.  As a backup, we talk on FaceTime - and again you really have to focus during those conversations as well.  No multitasking.

With being able to visit my mom in person again, having this experience of listening, really listening and focusing on one another has given us both perspective and we know each other better.  What a gift out of all of this.  Now we have to both be careful not to fall into the multitasking when talking trap.


How to make caregiving work for you - and for your aging parent

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