I can laugh now, but I was so worried that mom had a blood clot.  Worried that I hadn't done enough to find out what was really happening with my mom.  Worried that I had "dropped the ball."  

When the doctor told her she basically "pulled a hammy," I just looked at my mom and said, "That's pretty badass for almost 83!"  She looked at me with horror at the word "badass" but then was like, "Yes, I guess it is!"  All the while the doctor is having a good chuckle......and saying, "I just love her, isn't she cute?" 

So that's my goal - to be a badass, like my mom is, at 83 - and beyond!



Do you watch "This is Us?"  I do and have found so much wisdom in this program.  For instance, when Jack is talking to his son Randall about balance.  Jack says, "You'll find your balance and then you'll lose it.  You'll find it again and lose it again.  That's the ride."  And I thought to myself - that is it.  That's life.  Anyone that tells you that you can have a balanced life is full of it.  And I was one of those people who preached that for years.  But after living this life and becoming wiser as I get older, I realized - It's a struggle to stay balanced, right?  But when you shift your perspective to Jack's, it's easy to understand that at many different points in your life, you will be out of balance.  And at many different points in your life, you will be in balance.  I think the trick is to just know that and to be okay with it.

I've been out of balance for years at a time.  I've been in balance for days, weeks and months at a time.  I find myself out of balance more than I am in balance.  That's the ride.  I also learn more when I'm out of balance.  I get stronger when I'm out of balance.  That knowledge and strength carry over to when I'm in balance.  That's the ride.

When I'm in balance, I feel like I have it all handled.  Which of course is just an illusion.  When I'm feeling balanced, my life runs like clockwork.  It's all scheduled (maybe too much).

When I'm out of balance, I don't feel like myself.  I spin in circles for much of the time.  I overthink.  The schedule, at points, gets thrown out the window (but that's when the unscheduled, unexpected moments happen).

What about you?

When are you in balance?  What's happening during that time?

When are you out of balance?  What's happening during that time?



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