I'm pretty proud of myself.  Last week, I had the opportunity to speak.  For the first time since November, I believe.  This time, I did it without notes!   The notes, I discovered, were holding me back from having an authentic connection with the audience.  

Up until last week, I believed that I needed the notes so that I wouldn't forget anything.  So that I wouldn't make a mistake.  So that I would be perfect.  

Then I realized that I didn't need to be perfect.  I know my stuff.  What I forget in my speech - the audience will never know.  

It felt so freeing.  I had a great, authentic connection with my audience.

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❤️Coach Wendy

P. S. I really had everyone's attention when I asked them "What makes you forget to eat or poop?"  Good question, right?  What is it that you get wrapped up in and you enjoy so much that you forget to eat..........or poop?   Post it in the FB group!


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MeetUp - Picnic at the Park

Bluhm County Park, 3855 S 1100 W · Westville, IN
Pack a sack lunch and bring a beverage - and a blanket or a chair.

Wear your comfy shoes because after our picnic, we are going for a walk. Yep - it really will be "a walk in the park".
Since I provide transformation around the area of life purpose, bring your questions and your obstacles. A smile and an open mind are great to bring along as well!

Finding & Living in Your Joy 

Wednesday, July 31st at 4 p.m. CST 

During this program you find out why it's so important to:
  • Become confident
  • Create peace
  • Shift your mindset from fear and into possibility

So that you can find and live in your joy.

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