At the beginning of this year, I bought a journal.   I knew that I needed a place to get my thoughts, fears, hopes, dreams and everything in between into.   Boy has this helped me to become more confident, focused and self assured.   When I am fretting about something, it goes into the journal.  When I am happy or grateful, it goes into the journal.  When I am trying to figure something out, it goes into the journal.

As I have learned, talking with others about my journaling experience, there are those of us who are night time journalers - capturing the days events.  There are those of us who are morning journalers - capturing any remaining fragments of last nights dreams.  Then there are those who journal when the need or desire arises - like me.

There is no right or wrong way to journal.  Do what works best for you.

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Our community recently installed a Fitness Court into one of our local city parks.   You can download the free app or you can just go to the court, follow the directions, and get in a great workout.  When you download the app, you can search to see if there are any Fitness Courts in your area.




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