Hard conversations.
Do you have them, reluctantly?
Do you avoid them at all costs?
What do you do when decisions need to be made and in order to make those decisions, a conversation has to happen?
We all react differently.
What about when you have to have a difficult conversation with your aging parent?
These conversations are usually triggered because of your aging parent having an accident, injuring themselves, you notice something is 'off' or someone else notices something about your aging parent.
"No one talks about this stuff because it sucks."
That's what one individual said who is taking care of an aging parent and running her business.  Can you relate?
"I would want to be able to approach every situation is a calm manner, thoughtful and gently firm. I worry that my approach COULD be interpreted as more forceful than intended."
That's what someone else said who is worried about having a difficult conversation with her parents, who she can see need help.  Can you relate?
There are a few things you can do ahead of the hard conversation that will help to make it easier.  
🩷 Know what you want to talk about
🩷 Be okay if you don't get anything resolved and know that this is not a one-and-done-conversation but rather a series of conversations
🩷Be ready to listen
I'll be sharing the secret formula that works every time when having a hard conversation later this month.
Hard conversations - that is the topic for our monthly coaching call 'Taking Care of Business While You Take Care of An Aging Parent'.  
During this call we will be getting to know one another, make connections, network and we will talk about our challenges as we are taking care of aging parents and running our business and I will do some hot seat coaching.
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❤️Coach Wendy 

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